"The fact that you can see things that have always been there but never caught your attention means… you’re in the boundary."
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“There was never any hope
for them, but for their story; Oh, there was so much more,
than a sentence for crimes
they were rooted to commit
the moment they stepped out
of their cage.”
  Anonymous said:
Hisalisa prompt: laundry


Obviously, I’m going for the low-hanging fruit here. I kinda like how this one came out in the end! Thanks so much for the prompt, btw!

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hiding from your responsibilities like 


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  Anonymous said:
video game au sort of like dothack (or not) - quiet, lonely girl lisa befriends a 'terrorist' or hacker in an mmo, username: 12


I’m probably only going to be able to churn out one of these a day ‘cause, you know, work. Also, I’m not an expert on synesthesia, so some things I just guessed at. Also, I haven’t seen or read .hack in a long time, so yeah. It’s a mess. Enjoy! (lol)

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pls don’t expect me not to wear the same jeans every day bc that is unrealistic and unfair